The Miss USA Beauty Contest was held for the first time in 1952 and has been staged annually ever since. The 60th official Miss USA (there have been more Miss USAs due to a dethronement and several Miss Universe winners) will be crown on June 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the last 60 years the contest has launched the careers of some of the some very well known women, like Halle Berry. The Miss USA Pageant is run by the Miss Universe Organization which is owned by Donald Trump. One of Miss USA’s main duties is to represent her country at the Miss Universe Pageant. 7 Miss USA’s have gone on to win the Miss Universe crown.

While I believe each winner was very beautiful, special, and unique  in her own way, we do still have our own personal taste. I am not making this list to insult any of the winners – many people might disagree with my choices. These are my personal opinions and I ranked them based on several factors including beauty, charm, performance during the Miss USA, Universe Pageants, reign, and overall impression. Let’s celebrate the build-up to the crowning of the 60th Miss USA!

39: 1994 – Lu Parker (South Carolina)

South Padre Island played host to the 43rd Miss USA Pageant. The pageant was beamed lived from the South Padre Island Convention Center on February 11, 1994. The first cut saw the 51 delegates being narrowed down to 12 beautiful young ladies. They then competed in 3 rounds of competition: the interview competition, the swimsuit competition, and the evening gown competition. 6 young ladies then advanced to the next round to face a question from one of the judges. The delegates from South Carolina, Virginia, and North Carolina were then announced as the final 3 and they had to answer one final question. The highlight of the event was the crowning of Miss South Carolina, Lu Parker (23), as the new Miss USA. Patricia Southall, the hot favorite from Virginia was the runner-up. Miss North Carolina finished third.

Lu was the third Miss South Carolina to win the coveted Miss USA crown. Part of her duties was the travel to Manila, Philippines to compete against 76 beauties from around the world. The pageant was held on May 20, 1994. Lu survived the first cut and was called into the top 10 with the 5th highest average preliminary score. On the final night she didn’t quite as well. She was 4th in the swimsuit competition, 6th in the interview competition, and 7th in the evening gown competition. She managed to sneak into the top 6 in 6th position. After the judges’ questions round she was fourth and did not make the final three. The pageant was won by Miss India.

My thoughts on the pageant:

Watch the announcement of the top 12 here:


Very beautiful top 12. Girls that caught my eye at this point: Kansas, Illinois, Texas, New York, South Carolina, Minnesota, Louisiana, Missouri, and Virginia.

Watch the swimsuit competition here:


Tennessee gave a competent performance but her jawline was distracting; Hawaii was very comfortable like a pageant pro; Kansas was sexy but her pageant inexperience  showed; Illinois was working it – great performance.

North Carolina should have left her hair down; Texas lacked energy; New York was absolutely gorgeous; South Carolina looked tall and she was working it.

Minnesota was an absolute doll but she could have worked it more; Louisiana was sexy; Missouri was hot and her strut had nice energy; Virginia was full of life and she owned the stage – she was the rightful winner of this round.

Watch the interview competition here:


Tennessee had a good interview – definitely no loss for words; Hawaii’s interview was boring; Kansas was really gorgeous and her interview was fun.

Illinois was super confident and she had a great interview; North Carolina had a good interview but I think she was a bit overscored – too pattyish; Texas’ interview started off weak but she saved it in the end.

No loss for words:


New York was very serious and her interview was a bit dull; South Carolina had a great interview, very livey and very confident – she rocked it; Minnesota’s interview was quite average – not outstanding at all.

Louisiana’s interview was cute; Missouri was very bubbly – definitely underscored by the judges; Virginia was very natural, real, sweet – absolutely engaging, and she handled the standup very very well. Once again the rightful winner of this round.

Watch the evening gown competition:


Tennessee chose a perfect color for her dress – gorgeous gown; Hawaii had a boring dress that would have looked better without the train; Kansas had a form fitting gown but it didn’t enhance her sensual beauty; Illinois had a very sexy and dramatic dress – it suited her.

North Carolina’s dress was my least favorite – the shiny red was too much for me… I don’t think the color suited her either; Texas was super sexy but it seemed like she found it hard to move in that tight dress; New York had a great dress but her hairstyle was not that great; South Carolina: sexy, flattering, looked super tall and elegant. (Winner of this round.)

Minnesota: good, safe choice; Louisiana – I was not a fan of her dress – it looked like she got stuck in her sofa; Missouri: loved her beautiful shiny blue dress – gorgeous; Virginia: gorgeous gown – it highlighted her beauty.

Watch the top 6 announcement and judges’ questions:



New York: Not a clear answer and not well structured at all.

Virginia: She gave a very well thought out answer, nailed it.

North Carolina: confident, took a firm standpoint

Louisiana: good, sincere answer

South Carolina: I don’t think she handled the question at all and she should probably have been eliminated at this point.

Texas: Weak answser

Top 3 – final question:


South Carolina: firm answer, believable, delivered well

Virginia: excellent answer, should have won this pageant

North Carolina: very good answer

Watch the crowning of Lu Parker, Miss USA 1994:


Second from right, competing at Miss Universe:

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